About Us

About Us

We Are Allfields

With More Than 22 Years Of Experience, We Help To Develop Your Business By Providing Value Added Services And Solutions

Our Mission

Providing Quality, Objective and Comprehensive services with accurate data and research to our clients

Our Vision

We aim to be the most effective and efficient Data collection and Research agency in Africa

Our Value

We provide the key to knowing the right course of action to provide the answers our clients need

22 Years Of Experince

about us

About our company.

We offer a comprehensive approach to consultation and research

Allfields Global Services is a Research and Consulting Agency aimed at providing value added services and solutions using time tested methodologies with speed and accuracy. As a result oriented team we are geared towards providing value added services and solutions towards building developing nations by applying best practices

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Work Process

How We Work

With more than 22 years of experience, we help to develop your business by providing value added services and solutions


We deliver value added market research information and insights that help our clients make more effective decisions.


We look behind the numbers, beyond the trends, interpreting market research and pointing out the opportunities and dangers our clients face.


Provide a deeper understanding of your customers behaviour in order to anticipate their actions and gleam an insight into what they really want

What We Offer

Our Main Services

Here's are some of the thing we can do to get your business from where it is to where it can be

Market Research

Including: Desk, Media & Advertising Research and Retail Audit Usage and Aattitude Surveys, Customer Satisfaction Surveys, Pricing Surveys, OMNIBUS Surveys, Opinion Polls.


We also have quite a substantial amount of services under some of which include representing companies in sourcing and buying products from Africa and across the globe and vis visa

Data Analysis

Data runs the world and we have tapped into that sector in the following ways: Data Analysis and Capturing, Ethnographic Studies, In Depth Interviews and Focus Groups Discussion


We connect buyers to genuine sellers and facilitate the process from contract signing till your product is delivered without any upfront payment to us